An Overview Of The Different Types Of Blacktop Sealers

Driveway sealing provides various benefits to property owners. Through sealing, you help make your driveway look fresh for a long time and protect it from damages that can be caused by harsh weather conditions, especially too much snow during winter.

If you want to have your driveway undergo blacktop sealing, keep in mind that there are different driveway sealing materials to choose from. Although your choice of material may rely greatly on your budget, it is still essential to know the advantages and disadvantages each type of blacktop sealer comes with so that you can select the best one for your driveway.

Coal tar emulsion.

According to experts, coal tar emulsion is the number one choice for seal coating asphalt because it is the most durable material and provides the most protection as well. Because blacktop is a petroleum-based product, other petroleum products will also bind to it on a molecular level. If the surface of the driveway is not protected by seal-coating, gasoline and motor oil will easily and quickly stain the surface.

Coal tar emulsion, however, is resistant to gasoline and oil since they are not petroleum-based. Water and UV light from the sun does not easily impact this type of material as well. Another advantage this material offers is that the coatings can last for up to five years and even more, depending on the traffic. The primary disadvantage of coal tar emulsion through covers certain environmental and health concerns. In some places, coal tar blacktop sealer has been banned for use. In addition, if proper safety wear and gears are not used during application, the emulsions can cause skin irritation while the fumes can cause respiratory irritation. It is a good idea to hire a professional if you are not familiar with using this material.

Asphalt emulsion.

This type of emulsion which is used for seal coating asphalt is made from the same material you have in your driveway. As such, this material cannot provide ample protection. The biggest advantage this type of material offers is its dark color. On the downside, an asphalt emulsion is water-resistant but not UV-resistant. They also fade relatively quickly and may only last for just one season.


Acrylic is the most expensive material used for seal coating asphalt. However, it comes with several advantages. Acrylic is durable, UV and weather-resistant, and classified as environmentally friendly. It also comes in different colors, which makes it a popular choice for shopping mall parking lots. Depending on motor and pedestrian traffic, it can last as long as seven years before it needs to be re-applied.

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